Notes from the board meeting

The May 18 HOA Board meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. All members of the Board were present (Jean Pritchard via telephone). The minutes of the April 27 Business Meeting and the May 11 Agenda Planning Meeting were approved. Gordon Lee gave the Treasurer’s report.

Layne Varney gave his manager’s report. The second half billing assessment will be mailed out on May 27; 58 homes have been sold so far this year. He announced that Bonnie Marcus is the new Community Administrator. She has been working in the office for about 10 months and is excited to work with the ACC. He also reported that Horizon Room sales for the month of April are up 32 percent over last April. Sales from January to April of this year are up 34 percent over the same time period as last year. The Post Office building roof maintenance is completed as well as the Ballroom flat roof work. The swimming pool demolition and construction is going well; 47 dump truck loads of concrete were hauled away – that’s approximately 705 tons of material! In addition, 40 dump trucks of dirt was hauled away. He announced that Thomas Catri was hired as the new Patrol Chief.

Committee Reports were given. Jean Pritchard reported that the Going Green Committee is still researching medical information flash drives.

Nancy Eckstein reported that the Rules Committee met on May 4. At the meeting, Chairman Chris Nechvatal reviewed the highlights of the committees’ actions from the fall of 2014 through May 2015. They are looking forward to meeting and working with the new Patrol Chief.

Dee Brown-Knoeppel reported that the Project Review Committee met on May 7. Projects scheduled through March have been completed. The installation of additional security cameras will occur during the summer. The area around the Augusta Avenue recycle bins was spruced up thanks to the work of an Eagle Boy Scout group. Installation of the Horizon Room lighting is slated for August. The bocce ball group has requested sun covers and a container bench with a lock to store equipment.

Pat McGonegle reported the ACC Committee met on May 13; 38 permits have been issued in the last 30 days. They were primarily for painting, air conditioner replacement and other items needed to keep homes in good condition.

Gordon Lee reported that the Finance Committee met on May 5. The second half of the special assessment bill was sent out with a due date of May 1. There are 15 homeowners who still owe for the first half assessment. Delinquencies were reviewed. There have been three liens filed so far this year with one home being foreclosed on; 13 homes have not paid the January HOA dues.

Layne Varney reported that the department managers are working on their proposed budget needs for next year. The increase in the cost of running the new pool and repairs to the plumbing in the Clubhouse are items that will be considered for next year’s budget.

Gordon Lee made a motion to delete policy 8 and accept the other changes recommended by the Board Committees to the Book of Policies. Motion passed 7-0. You can review the Book of Policies at our web site at or pick up a copy at the office.

Gordon Lee gave a report from the Food and Beverage Committee. A meeting was held on April 28 and in attendance were Leo Buries, Jean Pritchard, Layne Varney, Julie Mathis and himself to review the results of past committee meetings analysis and conclusions to help us decide what progress had been made and where this discussion might take us. See full report in this issue of the SunBird News.

Marlene Scartozzi made a motion to accept the following people to serve on the Election Committee: Barb Davis, Dave Davis, Joan Bruening, Gil Knudtson, Shirley Knudtson, Don McMullen, Mary McMullen, Barbara Ott, Shirley Clark and Barbara D. Ott as Chairman. Motion passed 7-0.

Chuck Warren made a motion to approve Phase Two costs of the pool/Jacuzzi reconfiguration. Motion passed 7-0.

The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

The Board of Directors Agenda Planning meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 14 at 1:00 p.m. in the Ballroom. The Board of Directors business meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 28 at 6:00 p.m. in the Ballroom.