Footnotes from the Library

Nancy Smith

Finding your way – around our library.

We’ve done some house cleaning and want you to know what has changed.

Two categories, War and Western, have both been moved to the row facing the windows. This allows for larger books, such as the Navy and Marine history books.

Due to low readership, the following categories have been eliminated: Art/Crafts, How To, Travel and General Gardening (Arizona plants and gardening can be found on the special Southwest/Arizona end shelf at the end of row one).

We have downsized Humor, Cooking, Health and Wellness and Sports (Pickleball rules are found here). Diabetic information is here as well as Audubon (birds) and Dictionaries (Spanish-English dictionaries are here).

We have five rows of shelves and most of them have special book displays at the ends. The white wall separating the Library from the All-Purpose Room houses a wide variety of puzzles and also fun things for visiting juveniles, such as games and juvenile books.

We have a new DVD tower for our donated movies. We should have around 500 now, but some of you folks don’t return them. What a shame for those who want to see them.

We are not a research library. We trust you will contact your own doctor, veterinarian, plumber or expert that you need.

What a joy it is to have Sherry Fann join our merry group of volunteers! Her energy and willingness is a big help. Every library worker is worth gold.