Notes from the Board meeting


The Board of Directors had a Business meeting April 23. These are the notes from this meeting.

Members Present: Gordon Lee, Dee Brown-Knoeppel, Don Calvert, Nancy Eckstein, Shirley Clark, Linda DiPalma, and Layne Varney

Absent: Bob Moren

President Gordon Lee called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Minutes reviewed from previous meetings which had been were approved. Treasurer’s Report was given by Nancy Eckstein. Manager’s Report was given by Layne Varney.

The Minutes were approved as corrected. On the April 9 agenda, the Golf Club Article vote should read not having the HOA Board endorse the Article 4/2. Spelling errors corrected.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented by Nancy Eckstein.

Manager’s Report was approved as presented by Layne Varney.

Committee Liaison Reports were presented by Board Liaisons.

Project Review and Long-Range Planning Committee

1) Veteran’s Memorial Plaque. Nancy Eckstein made motion to approve a three-foot by three-foot aluminum Veteran’s Memorial Plaque at a cost of $2,500 with funds from the Special Projects Fund. Vote: 6/0 Passed

2) Maintenance Yard Shade Covering. Dee Brown-Knoeppel made a motion to approve the maintenance yard shade covering at a cost of $6,540. Vote: 6/0 Passed

3) Clubhouse Main Floor Restrooms. Shirley Clark made a motion to approve work on the clubhouse main-floor restrooms at a cost of $3,840. Vote: 6/0 Passed

Rules Compliance Committee

1) Non-Resident Policy Revisions. Gordon Lee made a motion to repeal the non-resident policy made in January, 2018, and to now state that non-residents will not be allowed to be members of any outside recreational club/activity. Vote: 4 yes, 1 Opposed, 1 Abstained

2) Rules & Regulations Book Update. This item was tabled until a later date to obtain additional information.

Dee Brown-Knoeppel made a motion as follows for the Clubhouse Room Construction.

The Board of Directors approves the construction project of expanding the clubhouse on the third level of the clubhouse (room addition and balcony expansion) and the scope of all work necessary to complete this project. The general contractor selected for this project is Palladio General Contractors in the amount of $190,116 plus permits, drawings and other work as required. Further, the Board is seeking a bank loan with Alliance Association Bank to finance this project.

The Board authorizes Treasurer Nancy Eckstein and, if not available, President Gordon Lee to sign any Board-required paperwork to execute this loan and project. Vote: 6/0 Passed

Nancy Eckstein reported that the Brainstorm Workshop list of 350 ideas is being compiled and sorted. Updates will continue until the fall.

Comment Sheets – Layne Varney

Homeowner/Board of Director Comments

President Gordon Lee adjourned the meeting at 12:15 p.m.

Board of Directors will be on Summer Recess until September.

Next Scheduled Board Meetings: Agenda Planning Meeting, Monday, September 10, at 10:00 a.m.; Business Meeting, Monday, September 24, at 10:00 a.m. All are welcome to attend!

Have a great summer!