Notes from the Board Meeting

President Gordon Lee called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Members in attendance were Dee Brown-Knoeppel, Nancy Eckstein, Gordon Lee, Pat McGonegle, Jean Pritchard (via telephone), Chuck Warren, and Manager Layne Varney. Don Calvert was absent.

During Layne Varney’s manager’s report he explained the process for the Change of Use of Land vote. There will be a special Board meeting on July 18 at 2:00 p.m. to announce the voting results.

Committee Liaison Reports

Going Green Committee

Jean Pritchard reported that no meeting was held in May but the committee is looking for new members. The committee is in recess until the fall.

Rules Committee

Nancy Eckstein reported the committee did not meet in May. The next meeting is on June 6 at 1:00 p.m. when they will review the signage regarding the age use of amenities to be sure they are in compliance with the changes approved by the Board in January of this year. The committee will be in recess during July and August.

Project Review Committee

Dee Brown-Knoeppel reported the committee met on May 5. Dana Smith will present a recommendation to the Board for the purchase and installation of shades for approximately 78 window and nine doors in the Clubhouse. Submission of costs for the installation of artificial turf or sod for the open area on Pebble Beach will be discussed at the next committee meeting. The tiles for the Hunt/Cooper signage are in at the company and the contractor will be contacted for scheduling the installation. Rich Vanderveen will present a recommendation to the Board for the purchase and installation of two speakers at the rear of the Ballroom. The idea of a new screen for the Ballroom, moving the current screen to the Lakeview Room, was discussed and it was agreed to leave the systems as is. The next meeting will be on September 1.

ACC Committee

Pat McGonegle reported the committee will only meet once a month during the summer. Recommendations regarding new paint colors and lattice work will be presented at the Board meeting.

Marketing Committee

Chuck Warren reported that John Brockish, Chair, met with Barb Ott of the Garden Club. Barb said that next fall the Garden Club members will start clippings of shrubs at SunBird and the Welcome Committee would distribute them to new owners to plant in their own yards.

Finance Committee

Layne Varney reported the committee met on May 3 to discuss the 2017 budget. With input from the department heads, Layne will develop the budget, send it to the committee for a review by August, send it the Board by September for a review, and hopefully have it approved at the October meeting. The committee is in recess until the fall.

Shirley Clark, Barb Davis, Dave Davis, Gil Knudtson, Shirley Knudtson, Marlene Scartozzi, Joan Bruening and Barbara Ott as Chair were approved by the Board to serve on the Election Committee (passed 6-0).

The Board approved the purchase and installation of replacement shades on the windows of approximately 78 windows and nine doors on the main floor and upper floor of the Clubhouse at a cost of approximately $8,000 (passed 6-0). They will be the same shades as are in the Horizon Room. It was suggested that if any of the old shades are in working order that they be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

The Board approved the purchase and installation of two speakers and crown amplifiers to the rear of the Ballroom ceiling at a cost of approximately $4,689 when funds are available (passed 5-1).

The Board approved the ACC Committee’s recommendation of the 2016 exterior paint colors that will be used for all future painting of houses (passed 6-0). There is no grandfathering in of past existing colors. Paint colors are divided into body or trim colors which are mix and match for the entire house. Trim only colors (Caramel Swirl, Clay Pot, Sofisticata, Coronado Dunes and Earth Tone) are for bump outs and fascia (trim) only and cannot be used for the body of the house. All approved colors may be used for trim. The entire house may be painted either one body color (except trim only colors) or two colors; one color for the house body and stem wall and another color for the trim and bump outs. Doors, including security doors, must either be painted one of the approved SunBird colors or retain the manufacturer’s original door color and must blend with the SunBird approved palette. Pat McGonegle explained why this change was recommended and the process the committee went through; 17 of the original colors were kept. She stated that if a house is currently painted with a now discontinued color, that color will not be grandfathered in when the house is repainted.

The ACC Committee’s recommendation that all lattice type structures (wooden, vinyl or plastic) be no longer allowed for any decorative barriers was approved by the Board (passed 5-1). This would include floral/vegetable support, screening, patio covers and garbage enclosures. If current lattice needs to be replaced, it must be replaced using materials such as screens, alumawood, or wrought iron and compliment the exterior of the house.

Jean Pritchard made a motion to take the issue of the golf course sprinkler project off the table. This item was tabled at the last Board meeting so the issue of HOA spending money on golf projects could be clarified (passed 6-0). Per CC&R 9.2, the HOA cannot spend money on the maintenance or operation of the golf course. Attorney’s correspondence confirmed this stipulation. It was also discussed that previously the HOA, in agreement with the golf course owners, had moved several sprinklers, including the ones on Hole 10. This was done to minimize potential water damage to the roads. Chuck Warren made a motion to enter into a joint project regarding the sharing of expenses to move the sprinklers on Hole 10 back closer to the road. Motion failed 1-5.

Gordon Lee reminded everyone that starting in September all Board Agenda meetings and Regular Board meetings will be held at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

The Board of Director meetings will be in recess for the months of June through August. The next Agenda Planning meeting is Monday, September 12 at 10:00 a.m. and Business Meeting Monday, September 26 at 10:00 a.m. All meetings are scheduled to meet in the Ballroom.