Maintenance Department news for July 2016

Marc Francoeur, GCS

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their warm and friendly reception. I would also like to thank the Board of Directors for offering me the positon of Golf Course Superintendent; I am excited to be part of the SunBird GC team! Looks like summer has arrived; the golf course is beginning to start its transition from winter grass (ryegrass) to summer grass (Bermuda). This is happening later this year due to the mild spring temperatures. With the high night temperatures the Bermuda grass will start growing vigorously and we will experience some brown areas out there. In time these areas will shrink and disappear with watering and Mother Nature. This is why you have noticed the sprinklers running here and there during the day.

The greens aeration went well and the greens will respond well to this, and for the members the greens will be more receptive to incoming approach shots! We will be topdressing (sanding) the greens later this month to fill and smooth out any imperfections from aerating and general play. The short cut path on No. 5 was installed in June and looks good! We also completed the irrigation row along No. 10 and SunBird Boulevard; while we were there we added some drainage at the wet area beginning of No. 10 fairway. Looks like it’s beginning to work; the area is drying up and is also showing signs of healthier turf (greening up).

We will be beginning some tee leveling projects, starting with No. 2 tee, Nos. 4, 7 and 13; once we begin I don’t see these projects taking more than a week. I will have temporary tees in place while the work is been done and for sod grow in; in my opinion we should have the tees open for play three weeks from the beginning of the project.