New Rule: Sign, Flag, Banners, Displays, or Objects of Good Taste

Several residents have requested that the Rules Compliance Committee and the board of directors consider a standard be set for signs, banners, displays, and objects to be in good taste. The media has reported many banners and signs displayed throughout the country that are offensive and/or are in bad taste. It is realized that, as a society, people have many varying points of view. However, opinions, facts, or thoughts displayed or shared can be done in good taste and/or at proper times. Displaying these types of ideas in poor taste can raise concern to the community, neighbors, and visitors. After careful consideration and review, the Rules Compliance Committee and the Architectural Control Committee presented this new standard to the board of directors, and it was approved Feb. 28. “All signs, flags, banners, displays, or objects in residents’ yards must be in good taste with no offensive language or meaning as determined by Management and/or the HOA Board of Directors.”

Political signs also have restrictions, as stated by Arizona State Law ARS 33-1808(C) and per SunBird Rules and Regulations, Article V, Section 7D. Political signs may be displayed within 71 days prior to an election day and must be removed within 15 days after the election date and may not be greater than a total of 16 square feet in total size per lot. SunBird is a friendly community. Let’s keep it that way!