New Adventures in Learning—New Friends and New Knowledge

Cinco de Mayo end of the semester
party celebrated by the Beginning Spanish class. Leo Recker is right in the middle of the crowd! (Photo by Sally Schoberg)

When asked the benefits of taking classes at New Adventures in Learning, Leo Recker answered, “My brain has stayed active, and my curiosity continues to grow. I have met some interesting people, many of whom have become friends.” Since 2008, she has taken multiple classes on topics such as Arizona history, issues in healthcare, investing, politics and media, memoir writing, religion, Spanish, and Native American cultures. The classes were offered in multiple formats, such as one-session classes, tours, round-table discussions, and 12-week sessions. Asked about what she has gained from the program, she answered, “I believe I am better informed about topics that I didn’t have time or interest in during my working/student years.”

Join us and meet new people and expand your horizons! If you are already a member, $20 for the summer semester allows you to take as many classes as you would like. Not a member yet? No problem! We’ll help you to join.

1) The preferred way is to email [email protected] and request a New Adventures student application form.

2) The alternate way is to call 480-857-5500 and leave a message with your name, phone number, and email address and request a New Adventures student application form.

The form will be emailed to you to begin the process.

Membership costs $60 a year and then $20 a semester for unlimited classes. Such a bargain when you consider the cost of tuition these days! Not only that—no tests, no grades, just the joy of learning! Registration is open for the summer semester and ongoing for the duration of the semester. It’s never too late to sign up!