New ACC guidelines for weeds and surveillance equipment/camera

The ACC Committee has been working diligently on a few new guidelines. Please note there will be an automatic fine for repeat offenders of homeowners who do not keep their yards free from weeds. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping SunBird Golf Resort a special place to live.

Weeds and Unsightly Landscaping

SunBird home owners are solely responsible to keep their property(ies) free of all dead/dying weeds, plants, trees, bushes and other items including trash/debris determined to be unattractive or a nuisance. Fronts, sides and back yards should always be free of weeds, dead and dying plants, trees or bushes. Property owners receiving two notices of nonconformance within a 12-month period will become a recurrent, noncomplying offender, resulting in an immediate $50.00 fine.

Landscaping including trees, bushes and flowers must not appear neglected or trespass neighboring properties, by either growing over party and private walls or obstructing public traveling throughout the community.

Surveillance Equipment/Cameras

Installation approval of cameras and surveillance equipment will only be given upon consideration of its effect on neighbors’ right to privacy. Whenever possible, the cameras/surveillance equipment shall be placed in the least intrusive or visible location. The camera/surveillance equipment must be mounted in a fixed position that views only the homeowner’s property, and the camera’s view may not at any time be changed to view neighboring properties or common areas. Installation will not be permitted if the ACC Committee determines it will cause intrusion on neighboring residents’ privacy. Applications are to include a drawing displaying the location of the camera, specify the size, shape, angle or view, and include a photograph of the equipment prepared by the manufacturer.

An ACC member may periodically make an unannounced inspection of the camera angles to determine if it intrudes on neighboring residents’ privacy. If the resident is out of compliance, there will be an automatic fine imposed.