New ACC Guidelines for Painting the Exterior of Your House

Please note that for painting and repainting of exterior surfaces, an ACC permit is required.

The 2021 approved exterior paint colors will be used for all future painting of houses. There is no grandfathering-in of past existing colors. Paint colors are divided into body and trim colors, which are mixed and matched for the entire house. Trim-only colors (Starless Night, Inked, Sofisticata, Imperial Gray, and Peppery) are for bump outs and fascia (trim) only. They cannot be used for the body of the home. (You may use all of the approved colors for trim.) Color samples with paint names and codes are available in the clubhouse. The entire house may be painted either one color (except trim-only colors) or two colors: one color for the house body and stem wall and another color for the trim and bump outs. Doors, including security doors, must either be painted one of the approved SunBird colors or retain the manufacturer’s original door color and must blend with the SunBird-approved palette. Refreshing a wall section, whole trim sections, and bump outs is allowed with the following suggestion: Remove a color sample from the area you want to refresh and take it to a commercial paint store, instructing them to match the sample color. Exterior wall murals are permitted with the following rules: Sketch of actual mural must accompany permit request; use of bushes (i.e. oleanders or appropriate landscaping) must be used to conceal mural from view of any streets; if plants or landscaping that conceal the mural are removed, they must be either replaced within two weeks with similar landscaping or, if the removal is determined to be permanent, the mural must be painted over using the surrounding walls’ existing base color; mural must be refreshed to maintain the artist’s original rendering and color with no fading or chipping; if property is sold, the new buyer must agree to the above terms and either repaint the wall using the surrounding walls’ existing base color or paint the walls a different color from the SunBird-approved palette. All ACC permits submitted for approval must be accompanied with your paint plans and contain the paint name(s), code(s), and contractor name and phone number. Any mural permit submitted for ACC approval must be accompanied with a sketch or drawing of the mural, dimensions, colors, and name(s) and phone number(s) of all contractors and artists.