Monsoon Season: Palm Trees and Weeds

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

July has brought us high winds, dust storms, and rain, leaving SunBird a mess. The landscaping crews are out in the community after each storm cleaning up the common areas, streets, and pools.

All palm trees should have been trimmed by the end of July. Over 100 courtesy letters went out last year to trim your palm trees, with an additional 40 letters going out to homeowners in September. The homeowners who have not trimmed their trees are contributing to the mess with downed fronds, fruit stalks, and palm flowers littering the streets after each and every storm. Please help us keep SunBird clean by making sure your palm trees are trimmed. They cannot wait until your return in the fall.

Monsoon season also is followed with an abundance of weeds. July and August is the time to have your pre-emergence sprayed to avoid the abundance of weeds.

SunBird homeowners are solely responsible to keep their property free of all dead/dying weeds, plants, trees, bushes, and other items, including trash/debris determined to be unattractive or a nuisance. With the new ACC guideline on weeds in effect, “Property owners receiving two notices of nonconformance within a 12-month period will become a recurrent, noncompliance offender, resulting in an immediate $50 fine.”

Please make sure you pull your weeds and trim your trees and bushes to avoid a letter from the weed witch and subsequent fines. Help us maintain the great-looking community that SunBird is.