Message from the Pro Shop

It is coming time to say goodbye and safe journey to a lot of our friends and await their return in the fall. So here goes, “Thanks for leaving us with the Hot 100 degree weather, lightning storms and monsoons while you go off and enjoy temperate climates you bunch of chickens (snowbirds).” Just remember we still love you and enjoy your company. Plus the fact we have the pool, air conditioning and we can golf early in the morning.

What happened in March? We had our first Junior Golf Clinic called Tee it Up. On the first day we had nine kids come out and play; for a few of them this was their first experience with golf and they enjoyed it very much. Over the next two weeks more kids came out to play and some of their parents even took them out on the course to play afterwards. Many thanks to all involved: Marcie Hogan who spearheaded the program and the instructors Jack Cooper, Kathy Gilmore, Gary Hall, Rick Koshuta, Ron Morgan, Dale Stokke, Cindy Vig, Ron Weisz and Dave White.

A Scramble Tournament was put on by the YMCA Girls Volleyball club with dual pin placements and over 80 players. The annual Conley Cup Match between the Americans and Canadians saw the eighth hole madness festivities. The Canadian Club Tournament on March 20 brought out over 90 Players. There was the Three A Block Party nine hole tournament on March 13 and the Bunny Tournament on Easter Sunday (everybody scrambled around looking for their golf balls instead of eggs).

Upcoming events include the Howl at the Moon Night Golf Tournament on April 1 and the Masters Par Three Tournament on April 8. Coming up in May we will be having our Memorial Day Tournament on May 30.

We will be having one more golf tour on April 15 at 4:00 p.m. so come on out and visit the course and learn a little bit more about our history and plans for the future. This will be followed by another beginner golf lesson at 3:30 p.m. on April 18.

So once again – have a safe and pleasant trip home if you are leaving and if not we hope to see you throughout the summer.

Take care,

Dave and the rest of the SunBird Pro Shop Staff