Message from the Mat Makers

Thank you again to all the people who are saving and bringing plastic bags to the Mat Makers. And thank you even more to the people who have volunteered to work with us. We so appreciate your support.

We continue to meet in the Hopi Room every Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. This past week we had 16 people who flattened, folded, cut, and crocheted plastic sleeping mats. No one has counted exactly, but it takes around 1,000 plastic bags to make a three-foot by seven-foot mat. Not only does it protect one from the cold, wet ground, but also the bugs. We also make water bottle holders and totes. We collaborate with the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Steven’s Catholic Church in providing services to the homeless people living on the streets of the Phoenix area. This coming week, the church will distribute 10 mats, 10 water bottle holders, and 7 totes.

If you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to drop by the Hopi Room any Wednesday morning and see what we are doing. We could always use more hands. Or if you would prefer, you could work from home and just bring your folded bags or crocheted mats to us. Thank you.