Message from the HOA Board of Directors

We want you to know that we are concerned about the safety and stability of our community. During this trying time, we have made some difficult decisions. We closed the clubhouse and all outside facilities on March 15 due to concerns regarding the coronavirus. As we write this, we do not have a reopening date.

With the closure of the Horizon Room, except for a very limited take-out menu, we are not generating the income budgeted for. We want you to know what we have done to save money and at the same time work on ways to continue to employ our loyal staff.

* Swimming pool and Jacuzzi heaters were turned off.

* Clubhouse A/C units turned off except for the Horizon Room kitchen and Pro Shop.

* All interior lights are turned off unless needed.

* Accountants hours were limited as needed and done remotely when possible.

* Horizon Room—reduced employee scheduled work hours. Several voluntarily reduced their hours or have elected to wait until operations resume.

* Patrol—reduced hours. Guard house new hours 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Roving Patrol new hours 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. We met with the Arizona Rangers and requested more presence in SunBird, which they agreed to.

* Post Office—reduced hours. Open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to noon. Only one employee will work to sort and send hold mail.

* Landscape—remained the same, as plants, bushes, trees, and weeds are growing rapidly this time of year. Some Horizon Room employees joined them in their efforts.

* Maintenance—Horizon Room employees to help with large projects of cleaning, organizing, etc.

* Office—will hold off on replacing the front desk receptionist.

* Several summer projects are on hold. However, we will continue with necessary projects: roads, painting the ballroom, bathrooms, and guardhouse, and other needed inexpensive projects.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors—We have Angels in SunBird. SunBird Angels are people who have volunteered to the office or who are on their own helping others in SunBird. These SunBird Angels have dropped off food and supplies to people in SunBird and have performed other acts of kindness in our community. If you or someone you know may need help or a morale boost, please contact the SunBird office at 480-802-4901. If you are interested in becoming a SunBird Angel, call the office. It’s as simple as contacting a list of your neighbors or other people in SunBird to talk with and check on them regularly by telephone, text or email.

Other Kind ideas: Pull weeds in your yard, a neighbor’s yard, or common area; anonymously drop off canned goods to a neighbor, leave a kind note for a neighbor.

Some fun activities have also been started to keep our “stay-at-home” residents connected.

* A “5 o’clock Friendly Hour” with a twist encourages people to sit on their own driveway and talk to their neighbors and wave to anyone driving by.

* Some residents have started driving around SunBird in their carts in what is turning into a parade.

* Wendy also started having trivia in our email blasts.

* We are all encouraged to send in photos of what we are doing to keep ourselves busy. Some of them will be posted.

* The Horizon Room is offering a limited take-out menu. Fish was added to the menu on Fridays and was a big success. You will be able to pick up your order at the restaurant, or the staff will bring it down to you if you are unable to walk stairs.

It is our hope that this virus crisis ends soon so SunBird can return to the fun active place it has always been. But, most importantly, it is our hope that everyone stays healthy.