From the Superintendent’s Desk

Brendan Waddell

Greetings SunBird residents and friends, it has been an interesting first quarter of the year, we started with lots of frost, then unusual rain, and now we have great weather and also the Coronavirus. This new virus has changed the way we all live, and even if you are fortunate enough to not have it, you’re still fighting it but in a different way. The virus has changed our day-to-day routine, and it has changed our social lives and gatherings with family and friends. Take this time to reflect back on all the great times you’ve had with all the people in your lives and smile, laugh, and patiently wait to rejoin them and laugh again.

Over the past few months, I’ve been approached by many residents telling me that the golf course has never looked this good before. Thank you, but always know it’s a team effort, and I have an awesome team of guys who truly care about SunBird’s turf. As we continue to go through the transition back to Bermuda grass, we will have some challenges with the areas that were not overseeded. The issues will be weeds, sprinkler heads, and wet or dry areas and areas where the turf has gone away and all you see are dirt patches. In late March, we already started the plan of attack. We have reprogrammed the irrigation computer so that we can see what is actually working and not working, and we have been spraying weeds and turf daily and addressing areas where the turf is weak or nonexistent. I am confident that we will succeed and the course will continue to get better.