Men’s Golf Club News

Scott Moore

Thursday play for the SunBird Men’s Club is well underway as of the new year. The second monthly Men’s Club meeting was held on Dec. 5. The turnout was good. Between 30 and 35 members were in attendance.

Below are a few of the more notable issues discussed in the December meeting:

• Fred Garmeson reported that there were 163 active Men’s Club members as of November 2023. Jerry Anders was announced as a new member.

• Dave White gave us some clarification on how we must play a ball that lands on top of a gopher hole mound that is next to a wall. This is covered under Rule 16.1. Gophers or not, you still don’t get free relief from the wall!

• Dave White gave the attendees an update on the progress of the golf course condition and the Pro Shop—all positive. The grounds crew continues to seed and mulch where needed to provide the highest quality course and golf experience possible. By the time this edition of the SunBird News comes out, the greens should be rolling as fast as they are planned to be rolling all season.

There were several important dates given for various events. These should all be posted by the Pro Shop and are listed below in chronological order:

• Jan 11: Match Play begins (There is a one-time $10 buy-in for all match play.)

• Jan. 17: Chile Cook-Off

• Jan. 19: Golf Club Auction on the patio

• Jan. 20: Founders Cup Tournament

• Feb. 2: Couples Net Tournament (This will have two qualifier rounds: Jan. 18 and Jan. 25.)

• March 29: End-of-Season Step Aside and Patio Party

I have nothing to add to the Sandbagger section of the newsletter. Don Hunt’s hole-in-one pot is starting the new season in good shape, and he would love nothing better than to write you a check for your hole-in-one during Thursday men’s play. Well, let us be real here—he might love it a bit better to first write himself a check for a hole-in-one.

Remember to keep the first Tuesday of every month open and join us for the 9 a.m. Men’s Club meeting. Enjoy a doughnut (or two) and some coffee with your fellow members while catching up with the latest happenings within the Men’s Club and the SunBird golf community in general.