Men’s Golf Club News

Scott Moore

We had a big turnout for our Feb. 1 Men’s Club meeting, a good indication that most, if not all, of our seasonal members are back at SunBird.

Treasurer Patrick Leach kicked the meeting off with the monthly financial report. With the help of membership dues coming in, Patrick has been able to get the income and expenses pretty much balanced out.

Fred Garmeson provided an update on membership. As of Feb. 1, we had 149 Men’s Club members. Fred introduced three new members: Dan Clark, Gary Flitton, and Jeff Corkrey. We welcome you all!

Below are some of the other key issues discussed:

1. Jack Cooper provided more details regarding the March 16/March 24 Riggs Road Cup tournament with Springfield. There will now be a qualifying event on March 3 to determine the SunBird participants.

2. After further review, it was determined that changing the Men’s Thursday tee times to later in the morning did not increase participation. As a result, Thursday Men’s play is moving back to the traditional early times. This will be met with both positive and negative reviews. While some will not be happy playing in the colder temperatures again, others will now be happy to once again be able to have time for their afternoon naps (not mentioning any names). Equally as important, others will once again be able to enjoy lunch at a more reasonable time (and I’m with you all the way on that Fred Garmeson!).

3. The year-end Combined Men’s/Ladies Step Aside is scheduled for Friday March 25 followed by a luncheon in the Horizon Room. The lunch is included as part of all active Men’s Club members’ dues, regardless of if you play in the Step Aside. You must sign up though outside the Pro Shop by March 15.

4. The Executive Board voted to approve the establishment of a new set of tee boxes for the rest of the year. These tees are Green and are shorter than the Reds. Amongst other things, the hope is to turn some of those that have converted to 9-holers back to 18-holers for their own enjoyment and early results look good. –

Sandbaggers Roll Call: There still have not been any hole-in-ones during Men’s play to report, but we have had a rash of members score aces in other play since the last newsletter. The lucky shooters that unfortunately did not save these shots for Thursday Men’s play so they could partake in what I will call some of “Don’s Money” (okay, so I stole that from Terry Bradshaw’s Fox NFL broadcast) include Steve Seel, Steve Cockrell, George Richardson, Roy Comeau, Gary Hall, and George Jones. I don’t know about the others, but George Jones had a heck of a H-I-O celebration up in the Horizon Room after his ace! Thanks for the drink(sss) George. Congratulations guys!

The next scheduled meeting is March 1 at 9 a.m. in the Ballroom. Hope to see you there!