Manager’s Reports

SunBird has many organizations, clubs and groups that provide great services and activities to SunBird and its community. They are one of the big reasons SunBird is such a fun, active place to live and we greatly appreciate all they do.

This past season the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Health Division made some changes and provided clarification on food services held or hosted by organizations, clubs and groups whether for potluck, free or ticket sales throughout the county. They have also made several surprise visits to SunBird during some of the club food service activities and have notified SunBird further of these changes. An informational meeting was conducted in the Ballroom with SunBird organizations, clubs and group leadership and members. Some good questions and concerns were posed that need research for answers and better clarification. The purpose of this meeting was to let the SunBird clubs and organizations be aware of this so that they would have time to make any changes for the upcoming season if necessary. Once all of the information and questions are answered, a written policy will be developed for SunBird to conform with county food and safety restrictions.

This year, during the early summer months, SunBird has road work budgeted and planned for certain sections of SunBird. SunBird Unit Three from Championship Drive on Augusta Avenue west to Pebble Beach Drive and south to almost La Costa Drive the asphalt road will be removed to the base and then reinstalled with new asphalt. SunBird Unit Five from Oakmont and Waterview Drives south to Doral Drive will also have the entire asphalt removed and replaced. Unit Six of SunBird will have the road resurfaced with a slurry seal of about one-quarter of an inch of an oil base mixture with small aggregate. It is anticipated that tire marks will be evident in the road and that some of the aggregate will become loose for the entire summer during curing. SunBird Units 11, 12 and 15 will have the cracks sealed and then the entire roadway resurfaced with a seal coat as routine maintenance. Notices will be delivered to the homes affected by the road work in advance with specifics on dates, times and parking arrangements. The funds for the road work and maintenance comes from the Reserve Fund Savings account. SunBird has a 20 year plan of large replacement and maintenance projects that are projected and saved for accordingly.

The common area landscape will have its routine annual tree pruning conducted this month by a tree trimming contractor and in coordination with our current landscape crew. The trees are assessed pruned and thinned out to help keep them from encroaching the golf cart paths and prepare them for the strong winds and monsoon storms that occur in the summer months. In past years the debris from the tree trimming has been in excess of over 55 tons. Some trees that have grown extremely large in the area they are located and are at risk of falling over or having large limbs break off will be removed as a precaution. Your patience is appreciated during this project with the noise of the equipment and piles of landscape debris.

As some of our residents have left or are traveling for the summer, we would like to keep everyone updated on what’s happening in SunBird. The SunBird News will be mailed during the months of May through October to the address that has been provided to the SunBird Office. The SunBird website at is also updated regularly with information and events and is an easy way to keep informed. The quickest communication line SunBird has is our email newsletter. To join, please go to our website home page and select the “chimp mail” icon at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. If any assistance is needed, please feel free to contact the SunBird Office.

Have a safe and healthy summer!