Manager’s Report – April 2015

The annual general membership meeting was held last month with a good attendance of about 350 residents. The independent financial auditor gave a report of the result of the annual audit of a clean opinion. All of the SunBird committees gave great reports on the year’s work and accomplishments. Treasurer Gordon Lee gave a report of the year ending financial report with revenues of $2,200,942 and expenses of $2,089,122 for total revenue over expense of $111,820. Removing the special swim pool assessment revenue collected in 2014 of $89,650 to be used in 2015 from this amount would reflect revenue over expenses of $22,170 or 1 percent to the good. The beginning Replacement Fund Savings account balance increased in 2014 from $298,538 to $418,639. President Marlene Scartozzi summarized some of the accomplishments of the year and recognized past Board of Directors members BettiSue Perkins and Leo Buries for their service.

How are your SunBird annual homeowner association assessments spent? In 2014 the annual assessment for each home was $820. The following is a break down of how the assessment is spent. Administration and Activities – $120.24, Clubhouse – $200.00, Common Area Landscape – $159.84, Food and Beverage – $32.35, Patrol – $90.44, Post Office – $19.91, Recreation – $35.93, Reserve Fund Savings – $90.00 and Roads – $71.29.

SunBird events and activities are reaching record breaking attendances this year. SunBird Singers’ spring concert was two nights of excellent singing with over 800 in attendance. SunBird Community Church’s annual Barbecue was awesome and had nearly 450 in attendance. Trivia night in the Horizon Room continues to bring large crowds each Wednesday night in which we have installed speakers on the outside balcony patios to accommodate those utilizing the beautiful patio area to also participate. Representative Courtney Miller from the Arizona Attorney General’s office gave a very informative presentation concerning identity theft and scams targeting the area, nearly filling the Ballroom. The annual paper and fiber shredding day hosted by the Going Green Committee was also very well attended with great participation and results, not to mention all of the dances and other events that are also having excellent attendance. The Clubhouse is definitely being fully utilized.

The new enlarged swimming pool permits have been obtained and construction will start the first part of May. The pool will be closed for the summer and is scheduled to be completed August 31. We anticipate possible temporary road closures on Waterview Drive south of the Clubhouse near the swim pool due to demolition and heavy equipment. Your patience is appreciated and we look forward to completing this project with a more useful and much larger swim pool for the benefit of SunBird.

The SunBird annual Rummage Sale in the Ballroom was held this past month with treasures and all sorts of items donated by SunBird residents. The Ballroom was packed with miscellaneous items and furniture filled the outside ramp area. We just missed exceeding record sales held from the year 2013 by only $26.30, reaching total sales of this year of $3,808.25. The total 17 year rummage sale collected is $39,844.86. We appreciate and thank all those who donated items, collected, sorted, priced and worked the rummage sale. Many people worked hard to make this a great fundraiser successful for SunBird improvement projects.

SunBird is a very active, fun, giving and caring community because  of the people.