Manager’s Report

It has been a productive summer and past several months trying to complete the maintenance and improvement projects in and around the clubhouse area. SunBird has a beautiful clubhouse with a wide variety of excellent facilities and amenities that are used to full capacity during the high season (October through April). Our goal is to keep these all operating, up to date, and in great condition for residents to enjoy.

Cox Communications is currently still in the process of installing brand-new fiber optic lines throughout SunBird. They have been very active this summer with several crews and large equipment. It has been reported that 75% of SunBird is now serviceable and that they will be completed with work as of the end of October, with one exception. One section of SunBird, due to the utility line placement and narrowness of the road, presented challenges to the installation process. This small area is now in the re-planning stage to develop the least obtrusive route to bring service to this area. That area will most likely be completed this upcoming spring. If anyone has questions or concerns of property that may have been disturbed or was not properly restored, the quickest results for reporting will be by contacting Cox by email at [email protected].

During the month of July, three homes were discovered as broken into within a two-week period of time. This is very unusual for SunBird. The three homes broken into were all unoccupied and vacated for the summer months and are located within a 10-home radius to the intersection of Kerby Farms and Oakmont Drive. Since the time this was discovered, the SunBird community immediately stepped up efforts to counteract these crimes. The Chandler Police Department enlisted the Special Crimes Unit. The Arizona Rangers began additional patrols in the evenings. SunBird Patrol also increased patrols in the area and extended hours on some evenings. Large signs were posted at every entrance to SunBird and in the area that was affected to “look for and report suspicious activity.” Several residents got involved and began observing and watching the neighborhood more closely. Since this time, we have had no new thefts reported. This season, we are planning to have the Chandler Police Department host a presentation on ways to help prevent crime and theft. Although as of the time of writing this article no new break-ins have been reported, please continue to keep up these efforts if observing suspicious activity and report it immediately to the Chandler Police by dialing 911. The best way to fight crime is to have everyone actively involved in this effort.

Welcome back to our residents who are beginning to return back to SunBird! When arriving, please stop by the office to check in and for a warm “welcome home.” Thank you to our brave residents who endured the summer heat and all of the road construction within and outside of SunBird. We are looking forward to having everyone back to enjoy a fun-filled season of many activities and events!