Manager’s Report

Summer has arrived! Most of the landscape plants and trees in the Arizona desert are dormant during the cooler months and then explode with growth through the warmer months. The common area landscaped areas have over 400 trees, including Mesquite, Palo Verde, and Acacia trees, that are being thinned and access trimmed. Thinning helps keep the trees healthy and open in the middle. When strong gusts of winds occur, it can reduce the risk of trees blowing over and/or branches breaking off. Trimming desert-type trees in Arizona is different than most other places. These desert trees are normally very hardy and need space to grow. Some trees have grown extremely tall in very small areas, potentially causing damage with the shallow roots and falling debris or danger to the surrounding area. After the traditional type common area trees are trimmed, then begins the trimming of the over 200 common area palm trees.

In reviewing ways to decrease response times into SunBird, the City of Chandler Fire Department suggested automating the emergency entrance vehicle gates at Waterview and Cooper Roads. SunBird HOA Board of Directors agreed with this improvement and assigned the Planning Committee to begin reviewing and creating plans for this project. The SunBird Lion’s Club learned of this project during the review period and the challenges of funding. Working together with the SunBird HOA, the Lion’s Club generously donated over $10,000 to expedite and cover the entire cost of updating this emergency gate. This project has been completed, and the emergency response time through this entrance area to several hundreds of homes in SunBird has been reduced. We truly appreciate all those involved with this necessary improvement project and the quick time period the funding was approved.

Summer maintenance and improvement projects are moving forward. Another phase of updating the clubhouse windows from single-paned glass to dual-paned, energy-efficient glass has been completed. This has been an ongoing multi-year project over the past five years and continuing forward. The upper level of the clubhouse south and west facing windows have been updated. This past month, the Billiard Room windows on the main level of the clubhouse have now been replaced. A total of 59 windows and 11 glass doors have been converted. The Fitness Room air conditioner has been updated this past month with a new energy-efficient unit. The ballroom wood stage has been cleaned and re-stained. The flat roof over the ballroom is currently being recoated and re-sealed to protect and extend the life of the structure. The ballroom will also be closed for most of the month of August. The hardwood flooring will be stripped, treated, and waxed. Touch-up painting around the clubhouse continues.

In June, flashing red lights at the southbound stop sign at Championship Drive and Waterview Drive were installed. This is a trial run before purchasing and installing additional lights. The road at this intersection has new white and red reflectors attached to the street, along with the newly painted white stop bars to emphasize the stop markings. “STOP” and “SLOW” have been painted along Championship Drive and SunBird Boulevard to bring additional traffic awareness. Please join our efforts to “Slow Down and Stop.” Let’s keep SunBird a safe place to live.