Manager’s Report

It’s hard to believe that the high season is at its peak already. March is by far the busiest month of the year at SunBird, overflowing with several activities and events.

When approaching the clubhouse at most any time of the day in SunBird, one can see pickleball and tennis players, shuffleboard players, horseshoe players, golfers, and swimming pool fitness classes and water volleyball players—not to mention all the activity going on inside the clubhouse with people exercising in the fitness room, participating in cardio, yoga, tai chi and stretching classes, billiards players, all sorts of card and other games, and people participating in art classes of lapidary, ceramics, pottery, painting, quilting, and more. Then there are the other featured events of Fame Trivia, bingo, cornhole toss, bean bag baseball, live concerts, shows and music, dances, banquets, barbecues, golf cart parades, socials, and other club events.

SunBird has a variety of our very own artists and skilled talents. The Art Club last month presented a wonderful show displaying various paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other fine art in the ballroom. The Pottery and Ceramics Club has an excellent display of their work in the glass cases of the clubhouse. Our Lapidary Club has a beautiful display case, including acrylic works of all kinds, jewelry, and other fine work. The Sunny Quilters just finished a several-month-long friendly competition to make some very creative and fine-stitched quilts to donate to the St. Vincent de Paul charity organization. We truly appreciate all of the many artists in SunBird who have shared their talents for all to enjoy.

The annual membership meeting was conducted at the clubhouse on March 6, with approximately 250 residents in attendance. Directors Linda DiPalma, Lisa Onyx, and Steve Seel were recognized and appreciated for their years of dedication and service as members of the board of directors for SunBird. All committees gave reports of their accomplishments for the past year and touched on some plans for the upcoming year. The independent financial auditor, Neal Butler, reported the results of the audit and issued an unmodified “Clean Opinion” for the 2022 financial year. Treasurer Jim Anderson reported on the financial status of SunBird for 2022: $3,038,751 total revenue, $2,956,341 total expense, resulting in a revenue over expense of $82,410. Copies of the 2022 final audit report, pie charts of revenue and expenses, and allocation of the annual dues are available at the office and are published on SunBird’s website.

This has been by far the busiest and most active season we have ever enjoyed here at SunBird. We want to thank all the many individuals, clubs, groups, and organizations who all work together to make SunBird a fun and active place to live. We also want to recognize and appreciate all of our SunBird employees for their work and dedication to our community. It’s the people that make this a great place to live.