Manager’s Report

Finally, hopes of cooling down is in the near future. It’s been a hot summer with an unusual amount of several dirt and dust storms with lightning and very little rain. With the good weather approaching in the forecast, many of our residents are beginning to return back to SunBird. Welcome back home!

Cox Communications has just announced that they will be bringing the option of their new fiber optic Internet, cable, and telephone services to all SunBird residents. These Cox services will be available as an alternative option for each SunBird resident to consider for themselves. Cox is currently in the permit process with the City of Chandler and is anticipating the start of construction this December. This installation project is scheduled to be completed approximately within an eight-month period of time. When the permits are finalized and construction schedule developed, Cox will be sharing this information with SunBird. During the construction and installation, a representative from Cox will be available weekly at the clubhouse to answer any questions and provide updates on the project. More information will be forthcoming as it develops.

The new outdoor stage and patio area is currently still under construction and nearing completion. Scheduling and working with several contractors and placing orders for equipment and materials has been challenging. The concrete patio, stairs, and retaining wall have all been installed. Hand and stair railing are scheduled to arrive and be installed mid-October. Shade covering footers have all been poured and are waiting for the arrival of the shade structure scheduled for mid-October. Landscape is being refurbished and new lighting installed around the area. Bill Hook, Planning and Project Reviewing Committee chairperson, has been a tremendous key part of this project. Bill has been working countless hours to make sure this awesome addition to SunBird is the best it can be. Let’s give Bill a great big thank you! All of this is to be complete in time for the big Hoedown event on Nov. 12! This will be a fun evening to break in the new stage, kick up our heels, and have a great time!

The clubhouse swimming pool replastering project is currently under construction. The swimming pool water was drained, the interior plaster is being removed, and a new layer of plaster will be installed. The paver deck area at the pool will have some drainage areas repaired during this time. Additional maintenance work at the pool area is also scheduled. The swimming pool is scheduled to be open for normal use and activities Monday, Oct. 10.

The Oakmont swimming pool will also be having this same work done beginning Saturday, Oct. 8. At this location, the laundry room flooring will be removed, sub flooring repaired, and new flooring installed, all to be completed by Oct. 24.

When returning back to SunBird, stop by the clubhouse to check out all of the updated and new improvement projects. Don’t forget to please stop by the SunBird office for a warm greeting of “welcome back” and to check back in. SunBird has many fun and exciting activities planned, with a packed schedule this year. Let’s have some fun!