Manager’s Report

The temperatures are climbing well into the double digits making just going outside, and especially working outside, very unbearable at times. SunBird has planned several projects this summer to keep the buildings, facilities, and equipment updated and in great condition. The work moves on …

This past May, SunBird questioned the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) regarding a rule they have concerning swimming pools. The rule states, in summary, that beverages and food are not permitted within the swimming pool water area or within four feet of the walkway surrounding the pool. The question is that when using the swimming pool to exercise and for physical therapy, even though persons are in the water, hydration is still extremely important. Further having to disrupt exercise by having to exit and re-enter into the pool can be disruptive to the class or activity, and can be dangerous if dehydrated or having a reaction to the heat. The MCESD stated, “The Health Code states that no food or drinks shall be permitted in the pool or the required four-foot walkway surrounding the pool. That being said, we would not write or note any violations for a plastic or metal water bottle that someone has next to the pool to provide hydration for exercise.” This is great news to those exercising in the swimming pools. We want to make sure that we stay within this exception/clarification of this code to avoid any reconsideration of this statement. The posted SunBird swimming pool rules state the Maricopa County Health Code rules of beverages and food within swimming pool water and four-feet walkway surrounding the pool. The only exception to the four-foot rule is for a plastic or metal water bottle during exercise. As a safety precaution, if using water bottles, please place them out of the way of entrance and exit areas of the swimming pool. Lastly, let’s follow this exception of the rule by only using water for hydration so that we can continue to keep our swimming pool users safe and healthy.

The annual common area landscape tree trimming is now complete. This work is performed by a landscape tree trimming contractor. The contractor thinned, lifted, and access-pruned hundreds of trees. The majority of the trees in the common area are mesquite and palo verde trees. These trees need to be trimmed to allow free access through the cart and walking paths and to allow wind flow for heavy wind monsoon storms. This time of year is the growing season for most types of desert trees. After they are trimmed, they will begin to grow back quickly with leaves and foliage. Between June and July is the ideal time to trim palm trees. This time of year, these palm trees begin flowering, leaving a mess of white, cotton-like flowers and seeds all over. The 189 common area Mexican fan palm trees are now in the process of being trimmed. Please try to avoid driving through or getting too close to these areas of work, as the falling palm fronds can be dangerous.

This past month, door hangers were left at some homes in SunBird soliciting painting services. SunBird Patrol contacted the contractor to notify them that this was not permitted and to come back and retrieve the door hangers. SunBird does not allow solicitation of services by door hangers, business cards at the door, flyers, or door-to-door contact. Contractors, vendors, and service providers may advertise in the SunBird News, SunBird website, or special community events organized throughout the year. If this activity is observed, please contact the SunBird Patrol immediately at 480-797-8605. Further, to help discourage this type of activity, it is strongly suggested to not use these unauthorized solicited services to send a message to them that this community supports the message of “No Soliciting.”

A SunBird resident received a scam email below this past month that allegedly originated as a SunBird email. This email is a scam! Gordon Lee, past president of SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association, did not send out this email. We know that sometimes folks may think that an email like this is legitimate, because they recognize the sender’s name and it looks like a valid email. Please be advised that neither SunBird HOA nor SunBird board members would send emails to members asking for money, gift card donations, etc. Please pass this information along to your friends and neighbors. If anyone has questions about an email that looks suspicious from SunBird or any of its leadership, please contact the SunBird office for verification.

It has been seven years, and it is time to re-plaster the interior of the clubhouse and Oakmont swimming pools. This work is scheduled to begin at the clubhouse swimming pool on Monday, Sept. 19, and will be closed for approximately three weeks for this until Monday, Oct. 10. The Oakmont (laundry room) swimming pool is scheduled to be closed Oct. 10 for approximately two weeks until Monday, Oct. 31.

We truly appreciate all of our SunBird employees who work hard to provide great service. We especially appreciate the employees who work outside performing landscape and maintenance services during these extreme temperatures to keep our community operating, maintained, and looking good. Thank you!