Manager’s Report

SunBird is an exciting, vibrant, and active community in full throttle this time of year. Driving towards the clubhouse from Championship Drive, either on SunBird Boulevard or Waterview Drive, is an amazing spectacle of SunBird’s outdoor recreational activities and enjoyment in full swing. Neighbors are walking, riding bikes, swimming in the pool, playing golf, pickleball, tennis, shuffleboard, horseshoes, or enjoying the weather and views from the patio. In the evening, many social events, excellent concerts, and shows are hosted from the ballroom and clubhouse almost every night of the week. The good life!

An independent financial audit firm completed the financial audit of the year 2021. After a complete review of financial records, reports, verification of banks, transactions, and other testing, an “unmodified opinion” of the financial statements and operations was rendered. All financial reports and statements were ruled to be accurate and fairly presented. This opinion is the most favorable rating that can be offered by an auditing firm. The auditor noted as a word of caution that they are sharing with all homeowner association clients that the challenging global economic financial effects occurring now and in the future are something we all need to be prepared for. The world is facing unprecedented times and is consequently impacting inflation and the supply chain demand radically. SunBird is in good shape but needs to continue to be proactive with preparing for inflation and supply shortages on all fronts.

Many new housing and commercial developments in the immediate area of SunBird are in the plans and forthcoming. Just east of the brand-new, recently completed Windermere Ranch housing development at the northeast corner of Riggs Road and Cooper, another development, named Magnolia, of 93 homes is planned. At Hunt Highway and McQueen Roads, northeast corner, another housing development of 100 homes is in the planning stages, named Earnhardt Ranch. At the southeast corner of Riggs Road and Gilbert Road, an attached rental home community of a 108-unit development is in construction just behind the Walgreens. At the northeast corner of that same intersection, a new McDonald’s restaurant is under construction. The new San Tan Mountain casino at the southeast corner of Gilbert Road and Hunt Highway is currently under construction and anticipated to open sometime in 2023. As development of the vacant land continues around the area, housing values are projected to continue to rise accordingly.

The centerpiece of SunBird is the clubhouse and all the recreational facilities surrounding it. This year, several clubhouse and facility improvement and maintenance projects are planned. The continuation of the multi-year project of updating the single-paned windows continues at the clubhouse with 35 dual-paned, energy-efficient windows. Completing the replacement of balcony railings at the clubhouse to meet current ADA regulations and provide a more modern, sleek look. Removing and replacing the flooring in clubhouse restrooms to continue the renovation of them, improving the aesthetics and safety. Continuing and completing ceiling work in both the upper hallway of the clubhouse and in the Horizon Room. Removing and re-plastering the interior of the clubhouse main swimming pool. All of these and more projects have been planned, budgeted, and scheduled for this year.

We appreciate all of the board of directors, committee members, clubs, organizations, and many individuals who volunteer to share their time and talents in making SunBird a great place to live! Without you, none of this could be possible! Thank you!