Manager’s Report

Not such a great way to start the new year … the wave of the flu or variants of COVID-19 has been sweeping throughout the country. This wave has reached Arizona and has affected people in the area. Due to the recent number of increased illnesses reported in SunBird this past month from both residents and employees, some events were postponed and some services limited at this time. In case you have been exposed to someone who is sick or you are immune compromised or at risk, please limit unnecessary activities to reduce risk to others. If sick, or concerned of possibly being sick, seek medical attention, if necessary, follow the advice of medical professionals, and get on the path to back to good health.

If sick or not feeling well, please do not visit the clubhouse or participate in social or recreational activities to minimize the spread of disease. Please be responsible for yourself in making good decisions for the best interest for yourself and other people’s health. This is no reason for alarm at this time. We just want to get through this wave of sickness. Let’s work together and do our part to get back to full strength at SunBird!

SunBird, like most businesses throughout the country, is struggling to find and hire good employees. To compound matters even more, unfortunately, a number of employees this past month have reported that they are currently experiencing symptoms of illness and/or are sick at this time. They are staying away from work to become healthy again to return back to SunBird. Employees of SunBird are health screened before each and every shift every day. This practice helps protect residents from additional exposure and other employees. Further, due to the shortage in the labor force, this has directly affected SunBird’s operations. This can be cyclical if employees try to return to work too early or do not stay home if sick, potentially exposing other healthy employees and healthy residents, causing this cycle of good health and full staffing to start over again and again. SunBird would like to keep up the same level of services, operations, and activities as planned; however, health and safety for all is the priority. Please be patient as we continue to navigate through this challenging time.

As the year 2021 is now in the past, the annual independent financial audit is in progress. Each year, SunBird has a financial audit to research the financial statements, financial transactions, bank statements, accounting procedures, and other financial operations. This practice is done annually to have an outside, second professional opinion offered on the validity of SunBird’s financial practices and reports. The audit should be completed before mid-March. The final report will be made available on the SunBird website. As always, we completely expect a “clean opinion,” which is the best rating an auditor can offer any business.

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