Manager’s Report

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost gone. It has been a very different time with monsoon-type storms and the unusual times they have struck. The humidity arrived much earlier and, combined with the extreme heat, has made it a little uncomfortable at times.

Working with various contractors on maintenance and improvement projects has been challenging, with the labor shortage and high demand of work needed in Arizona. Contractors have been overwhelmed with work, causing delays from beginning and completing jobs in a timely manner. During the course of tree trimming, several large monsoon storms caused damage to SunBird trees and others all over the Chandler area. Contractors placed jobs on hold to take care of these emergencies, delaying the completion of work in SunBird. This has affected the routine tree, palm tree trimming, and completion of the replacing of the landscape irrigation and light project. This has been a frustrating time for all, and we appreciate your patience.

The unusual amount of rain received this time of year is the perfect recipe for an explosion of plant, tree, and weed growth. The landscape common areas were just completely treated with weed pre-emergent this past month. The SunBird landscape crew has worked through some weekends to clean up from the storm damage and to attempt to catch up on trimming. This has been an ongoing battle that will be completed.

A common problem in Arizona, and probably throughout most parts of the country, that also affects SunBird, is finding new employees or people to work. Most restaurants, retail stores, and other service-related businesses have “Help Wanted” signs posted. Many of these places have limited operational hours and have placed signs apologizing in advance of slower-than-normal service due to staffing shortages. As the high season at SunBird approaches, we have been trying to gear up, looking with additional staff members.

Road maintenance work will be starting the middle of this month and rolling into mid-October. Most of the SunBird roads will be crack sealed and the entire surface seal coated. This is necessary routine maintenance to improve and extend the quality and life of the asphalt. During the extreme temperatures, oils in the road dissipate, causing the road to lighten in color and become less pliable. Asphalt will always crack and continue to crack. Cracks one-quarter inch or wider will be sealed with a hot, elastomeric, tar-like substance to minimize water intrusion. These cracks will still remain and will continue to grow over time. When a routine maintenance schedule is followed to re-introduce oils and other materials back into the asphalt, it assists in the life and use of the road. When the scheduled phase map of this work is completed, it will be posted on the SunBird website and sent by email and flyers delivered to each home affected. Sections of roads will be closed for 24 hours during this work. Until barricades are removed from the roads that are being worked on or that are in the process of curing, please do not drive vehicles or golf carts across them. After the barricades have been removed and re-opened, please avoid making sharp or hard turns to avoid scarring or nicking the new seal coating. Making large or wide turns around corners and when driving in and out of the driveway will reduce and minimize these nicks and scars on the newly-surfaced roads. Your patience and understanding for this necessary work is appreciated.

COVID-19 … we know. We are all tired of hearing about this never-ending nightmare. We all need to be aware that this is not over, and to continue to do our part to keep ourselves and others as safe and healthy as possible. Let’s work together to do our best to keep this out of SunBird as much as possible. Stay safe and healthy.