Manager’s Report

It is extremely hot and humid! In other areas around SunBird, the weekend of the Fourth of July, it poured rain for nearly five hours and then only rained five minutes in SunBird. The following weekend it stormed for two days.

Summer maintenance and projects are moving forward. New ADA-compliant handrails have been installed at the east stairway to the clubhouse patio. Stairs around the clubhouse have new anti-slip strips and paint markings for safety. The new balcony shade coverings will be installed this month at the clubhouse. Two stairways leading from the south of the clubhouse upper level to the swimming pool will have new ADA-compliant hand railings installed. Updated SunBird signage will be installed at the main entryway from Riggs Road into SunBird. New landscape irrigation line and lighting project will be completed this summer.

Road maintenance work is anticipated to begin in SunBird this September. Most of the roads on SunBird will be crack sealed and the entire surface seal coated. This is necessary maintenance to improve and extend the quality and life of the asphalt. During the extreme temperatures, the oils in the road dissipate, causing the road to lighten in color and become less pliable. Asphalt will always crack and continue to crack. Cracks one-quarter inch or wider will be sealed with a hot, elastomeric tar-like substance to minimize water intrusion. The cracks will still remain and will continue to grow over time. When a routine maintenance schedule is followed to re-introduce oils and other materials back into the asphalt, it assists in the life and use of the road. When the schedule of this work is completed, it will be posted on the SunBird website, sent by email, and flyers delivered to each home affected.

Cyber-attacks, Trojans, ransomware, and cyber-security all sound like terms from a Star Wars or Star Trek movie. Headlines in the media have been dominated recently concerning massive attacks of ransomware through the Internet to computer systems operating various sizes of businesses. This has occurred, reportedly, with large government agencies, the fuel transportation pipelines, meat packing plants, and many other businesses. The way this normally occurs is that someone will hack into a computer somehow via the Internet through websites, emails, or software updates. Once into a computer system, hackers will steal and freeze or delete all of your files of financial data, personnel records, and shut down all computer operations if a fee is not paid to restore data and computer services. With this computer hacking, the business, in most cases, cannot operate without the use of the computer system. This has happened recently to some federal government divisions and many large businesses for millions of dollars. Small businesses are also being targeted. SunBird has taken several steps of precaution to minimize this possibility. Three years ago, it was recommended by the Finance Committee to purchase cyber insurance. The board of directors agreed, and this has been part of SunBird insurance coverage to assist if this type of problem occurs. SunBird has computer protection software and an IT company that monitors potential threats to avoid these risks. Further, we have implemented several backup procedures to recover data in the case of a malfunction or cyber-attack. Employees have been trained not to open suspicious emails and to use only reputable websites for business purposes. Everyone should be very careful when using a computer, tablet, or cellphone while using the Internet or emails. Cyber-attacks and ransomware have become a very easy and lucrative business, and we are all very vulnerable if we are not careful or aware of the signs.

SunBird home sales are continuing to set a record-breaking pace with the number of homes sold this year and with homes selling at record high prices. As of the end of June, 93 home sales have closed. Realtors have waiting lists of people interested in purchasing a home in SunBird. Earlier this month, a home in SunBird sold within 24 hours of the “For Sale” sign being posted. We welcome all of our new homeowners to this wonderful community. We also will have good, lasting memories and friendships of those who are moving on and wish them the best in health and happiness.