Manager’s Report

Layne Varney, General Manager

The State of Arizona is finally on the decline of COVID-19 cases after reaching worldwide record levels of high numbers of positive cases. Although the COVID-19 cases are now declining in Arizona, they still are at concerning high levels. Many SunBird residents have been receiving vaccinations or are in the process of getting appointments scheduled for both the first and second shots. Even though people have had COVID-19 or have been vaccinated, they still need to practice disease prevention protocol to minimize the potential spread to others. It has now been almost one full, long year since this pandemic began affecting this area. We want to make sure this disease is hopefully completely gone and/or under much better control. We also understand many are excited to have life return back to normal or even the “new normal.” However, the timing is just not yet. Let’s continue to be patient a little longer and not get complacent or have a false sense of security. Please, please, follow the rules, guidelines, and mandates of disease prevention posted throughout the SunBird clubhouse and in every room. It is anticipated that when mask wearing and other practices are no longer required or necessary, an official announcement and notice will be made by Arizona State and/or local officials. We need to continue to work together to minimize the spread of disease for everyone.

SunBird’s annual independent financial audit is nearing completion for the year 2020. The auditor collects and reviews financial data from the computer accounting system, monthly bank statements, insurance statements, tax reports, financial reports, meeting minutes, and conducts random testing on several specific financial transactions for compliance. Having an annual financial audit is necessary and a proactive practice to ensure that good accounting procedures are implemented and the accounting records and reports of SunBird are accurate. The auditor will be providing the final report soon and will be posted on the SunBird website. As in all previous years of independent financial audits at SunBird, we fully anticipate a “clean opinion” which is the best opinion offered by an auditor.

Great news, the U.S. Federal Stimulus “Cares Act” PPP Loan to SunBird has been forgiven in full.

On Jan. 29, 2021, SunBird was officially notified that we have been FORGIVEN in FULL! The Forgiveness is for the PPP loan that was offered to SunBird at the initial outburst of COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the forgivable loan was to help small businesses with the financial impact of the pandemic. SunBird followed all of the strict terms and conditions of how the stimulus care loan funding was to be used. An application for forgiveness was submitted and was approved. Due to this fact, the full loan amount was totally forgiven.

The SunBird Marketing Committee was created several years ago after the Arizona State real estate market crashed. The purpose of the committee was to promote and market the SunBird community. Fast forward years later, as the real estate market began to recover and the efforts of marketing began to flourish, home sales dramatically increased in SunBird. The Marketing Committee charter was revised two years ago to include in its title “Welcoming,” joining together these two committees. SunBird has such an influx of new people moving into the community, we wanted to make sure they were welcomed and feel comfortable joining and participating in the many activities and amenities offered. Now, SunBird homes are selling so quickly that some realtors are reporting they have waiting lists of people wanting to buy homes in SunBird. Several homes have been selling before the “For Sale” signs are even posted in the front yard. In the last four years, nearly 500 SunBird homes have been sold. In the year 2020, even with the pandemic, 112 homes were sold in SunBird. The year 2021 looks to be even more promising, starting off with 15 home sales in the month of January alone. With both of these important tasks of the Welcoming and Marketing Committee, this committee has increased their efforts of welcoming these many new owners and renters to SunBird.

SunBirders, if anyone is planning on leaving or traveling any time soon, or have a friend, family member, or acquaintance looking to move, please stop by the office to pick up some of SunBird’s new, colorful brochures or business cards. Both were recently updated with new pictures and information about our community. They also have a QR code for smartphone users to scan instantly and take them directly to our website. This is a great way to show off where you live and to spread the news of SunBird.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding through these unprecedented times. Stay strong and healthy, and we will get through this difficult time together and return back to the “new normal” of fun and activity. Keep the faith.