Manager’s Report

Layne Varney, General Manager

2021 is finally here! Many stayed up late New Year’s Eve just to make sure that the clock passed by midnight, leaving 2020 behind and in the past. The year 2020 will go down in the history books forever for posterity to read about some day in the future and wonder how we all survived this period of time.

Reports have been made that COVID-19 vaccinations are being distributed initially in priority phases to healthcare workers, first responders, and to assisted care and nursing care centers. At some point, we believe that they will be distributed to high-risk persons (65-plus years of age.) SunBird has partnered with Walgreens in the past each year, including this year, to provide flu shots administered at the clubhouse. We have made formal, written requests to both Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy to consider placing SunBird as high up on the list as possible for providing these vaccinations from the clubhouse, if possible. If this request materializes, further information will be forwarded to SunBird as quickly as it develops.

Although the COVID-19 vaccinations have been approved and are being distributed, we all need to continue to practice and follow good disease prevention methods as published by the CDC, AZDHS, and Arizona State orders. Most people in SunBird are doing a great job in joining the efforts to mitigate the spread of disease. Some people feel the CDC and other rules do not apply to them. Please, please, follow the rules, even if you think you are not susceptible and/or are immune to disease. If you have specific questions regarding your circumstances, please contact your own health care provider or physician. We want to keep SunBird’s residents and employees as safe as possible. The more cooperation we have by working together, the sooner this can be conquered. For more information, please visit the SunBird website.

The clubhouse was constructed in 1988 and is now 33 years old. Over the past couple of years, one of the goals of the board or directors, Project Review and Planning Committee, and management, has been to update the interior and exterior of the clubhouse. Funding of this large, multiyear phase project has primarily come from the Reserve Fund, which has been built up over years of saving money for these types of updates. This savings account was developed and scheduled for these projects just over 20 years ago. Last year (2019) nearly the entire interior of the clubhouse was repainted, new flooring installed, and new furniture and decor added. This spring, the clubhouse ballroom was updated and completely painted with a fresh, new look. During the summer months, all of the restrooms in the clubhouse were remodeled (excluding the fitness center that were recently done.) The year ended with the clubhouse exterior being painted with fresh, new colors and design. Now the interior and exterior look very modern and clean. A few more clubhouse updating projects are planned for this upcoming summer to add the finishing touches.

The year 2020 didn’t quite go as planned, as the COVID-19 virus took and held the world hostage for most of the year. Many fun activities and events had been planned and were canceled, and the facilities had limitations of use and other restrictions. We truly appreciate those who helped and supported the measures taken to follow many new safety restrictions and changes in operations here at SunBird. Many of us learned that life can change quickly and without notice. Let’s be grateful for every day and make it the best.

We wish everyone a sincerely safe, healthy, and a happy new year!