Manager’s Report

Layne Varney

Phase 1, mission complete! The clubhouse flooring and update of Phase 1 this year has now finally been completed. This project added color, vibrance, light, and a whole new updated look to most of the interior of the clubhouse. Flooring, paint colors, furniture, décor, balcony railing, stairway handrails, elevator cab, office, and much more. The clubhouse, and especially the lobby area, look fantastic with all of these changes and the two newly-installed, custom stained-glass windows. These were custom designed with each piece handmade, creating a wonderful one-of-a-kind piece of art. Wow! Come check it out.

With many of the updates and refreshing of the clubhouse, we have noticed some practices that, if changed, can help us keep an organized and more attractive clubhouse. Each room in the clubhouse has a specified number of chairs and tables for each. This is to allow scheduling proper use of these rooms to accommodate the number of tables and chairs for the people expected to use them. If a room is short of tables or chairs, please contact the SunBird office so that we may inventory the area and make the proper adjustment. Moving tables and chairs from other rooms in the clubhouse only complicates the matter for others using that room. Another matter is bringing personal items to the clubhouse and leaving them, for example, personal pillows or cushions to sit on. If a person would like to bring these to the clubhouse, please take them home after use and not leave them in the clubhouse. Another example is dropping off items in or on the hallway tables or other areas, such as old décor, potted plants, framed pictures, calendars, medicine, food, and other similar items, thinking it will enhance the clubhouse or someone else will use these items. We are finding these items almost daily placed throughout the clubhouse. These items can be donated to one of the many charity organizations locally. One last item is posting flyers, notices, or advertisements on windows, doors, or walls anywhere throughout in the clubhouse. For advertising an event, please contact our Activities Director for approval and assistance on how to best advertise events and activities in an organized manner. The goal is to keep our clubhouse organized and clean for us all to enjoy and be proud of.

The high season is in full swing. During the month of November, we have had many activities, including a wonderful Veterans Day service, community garage sale, SunBird’s 21st Community Day, Thanksgiving Dinner, bus trips, traditional trivia, music trivia, horse races, bean bag baseball, dances, live music events, dances, new entertainers, and much more. Coming up over the next few months are more new activities with some new tribute bands scheduled for each month until May. Get ready to have a blast!

This time of year we look forward to the many festivities and celebrations, both in and outside of SunBird. Let’s always be thankful for our family, friends, and people around us. We are all so fortunate to have the many freedoms and luxuries of life. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!