Manager’s Report

Manager’s Report 2019

Wow! It’s hard to believe that March has come and gone. What a fun-filled busy month at SunBird with all the recreational and social events! The clubhouse has been scheduled full of events all season long with terrific attendance!

The annual membership meeting was held March 4 with approximately 200 residents in attendance. Directors Dee Brown-Knoeppel and Don Calvert were recognized for their years of dedication and service to SunBird, as their terms were both completed. All committees gave reports on accomplishments for the past year and plans for the upcoming year. The new independent financial auditor, after six weeks testing financial transactions and reviewing accounting practices, issued a “Clean Opinion” (highest rating) after conducting the 2018 year financial audit. Past Treasurer Nancy Eckstein reported on the financial status of SunBird for 2018; $2,508,603 revenue, $2,448,215 expense, revenue over expense of $60,388. 2018 was a good year financially for SunBird. Copies of the 2018 official audit, pie charts of revenue, expenses and the allocation of the annual dues are available at the office and are published on SunBird’s website. The Manager’s Report indicated the SunBird various saving accounts for future facility updates, repairs, equipment replacement and improvement projects. Keeping facilities maintained, updated, making improvements with proper planning and savings is the key to the success of our community and business. Past President Gordon Lee reported on the goals that were set and accomplished in 2018. Appreciation was expressed for the many committees, clubs and organizations that are a big part of making SunBird a great place.

Before adjourning the Annual Membership Meeting, the results of the CC&R proposed amendment consent forms regarding rental property restrictions and sexual offenders residing in SunBird were announced. Most consent forms mailed to the membership had been returned to the office by mail or drop-off. Eleven additional consent forms were cast at the Annual Membership Meeting. After final verification and tally, President Nancy Eckstein announced the results after opening the sealed envelope revealing both of these proposed amendments approved overwhelmingly by membership vote.

A survey of new homeowners who have recently bought homes in SunBird has indicated that 54% of them learned of SunBird from family and or friends. New SunBird informational brochures have been updated and are now available at the clubhouse for interested or potential buyers of SunBird properties. Pass-along cards are now also available for SunBird residents to take with them wherever they travel or leave for the summer. The pass-along cards are business-size cards that have information about SunBird, the facilities and amenities and multiple ways to learn more about our community. Often times, someone may ask, “Where do you stay for the winter?” or “Where do you live?” Not only can you tell them about SunBird, you can hand them a SunBird “pass-along” card. We encourage everyone to pick up a few at the office to keep in your purse or wallet to pass along to friends, family or people you meet who want to find out more about SunBird. This is a great way to show off SunBird to friends, family members and people you may meet and an easy way to promote SunBird. Again, we encourage everyone to visit the office to pick up these cards.

SunBird block parties are increasing in SunBird. Block parties are a great way to get to know your neighbors, increase safety and security and build good friendships. If your block or neighborhood has not had a party, get together with some of your neighbors and organize one. It can be very simple and very rewarding. Our goal is for every neighborhood/block to have a party sometime this year. Let’s party!

It has been a wonderful season at SunBird! We appreciate all the efforts by many, many people who help SunBird continue to be a fantastic place to live! Thank you!