Beware of scams

Many different types of scams are rampant this time of year. If you receive emails, text messages or telephone calls with threats of discontinued services or other scare tactics, stay calm and verify the source. If you have services or conduct business with them and feel the message may have some validity, look up the telephone number of that business from a different source to contact them to verify the information. Contact a family member or friend for a second opinion. Do not share personal information, social security numbers, credit card numbers or other information to people who initiate contact with you. If they are legitimate, they don’t need to be asking you for this information. Again, stay calm and don’t feel pressured into acting immediately until you have had a chance to re-search the threat or claim. Also, SunBird does not permit door-to-door solicitation. If someone knocks on your door to solicit or has left an advertisement, please contact the SunBird Patrol at
480-797-8605 immediately.