Line Dancing with Judee

Time flies, even when we aren’t dancing but maybe not as fast. For our restart in September, I’m finding new dances but also bringing back really great old classics and they should not be lost to those who are just discovering line dancing. Plus, you can’t beat the old music. Some of you might not want to hear the word old. I’ve found in many instances and experiences lately that old really means better!

So, I’m going back to the old schedule format that I used when I started teaching over 16 years ago. We will start with Ultra Basics with ultra-easy dances designed for the starting dancer. As the afternoon goes by, we will proceed to more difficult dances: Basics, Basics Plus then Beyond Basics. I label the classes according to the difficulty of dances and not the dancers.

The selected dancers in the Beyond Basics class love to dance and usually stay for the full scheduled time. What this does for them is give them a chance to practice the steps and patterns in the easier dances so they are danced automatically. This makes it easier for them to learn the BB dances. This secret for learning line dancing can also apply to Basics and Basics Plus.

Dancers just need to know their limits and stop before ease of learning disappears for that day. By attending regularly and committing to learning line dancing, you will find it gets easier with every class attended. I actually teach you what you are doing with your feet with consistent words for each step and pattern you dance. You need to be able to hear and learn the instructions given.

If you are reading this article, new or returning to this program, you can register by calling Judee Curtis after 10:00 a.m. at 480-802-0201. The Ultra Basics class starts September 7 (yes, Labor Day) in the SunBird Ballroom at noon for $3. Correct change helps with faster check-in. This is an ongoing activity and you can start when you have registered with me.

We look forward to you joining us as we all have fun while learning and dancing. We also have discovered we forget those annoying little aches and pains and can escape this crazy world for the time we are dancing. God Bless line dancing!