Manager reports a very special eventful and progressive summer for SunBird

Swimming pool construction is moving along!

Swimming pool construction is moving along!

The swimming pool construction is moving along great! Over the past months, several inspections have been conducted relating to the various phases of construction. The new bathroom and Ramada shade covering over the Jacuzzi is nearing completion. Additional new exterior shower is nearly completed and the tile deck pavers are being installed. The pool construction schedule is on time and within budget. This has been an exciting project to watch and has created a lot of curiosity with many onlookers.

For the swimming pool opening celebration, the plans right now are once a definitive date is set for completion, a preopening party the end of August or beginning of September will be scheduled. Please look for an e-mail or posting in the Clubhouse with more details coming soon for this event. A larger grand opening party with entertainment, food and prizes will be planned when more people have returned to SunBird this fall.

A special early morning breakfast buffet was held Thursday morning on June 18 beginning at 5:00 a.m. to celebrate and watch the shotcrete phase of the pool; 12 trucks of concrete lined up pumping the concrete into a large hose used to line the walls and floor of the newly shaped pool. Residents were waiting at the Horizon Room door at 4:15 a.m.; 145 attended breakfast and watched the work from the balcony. It was an awesome experience and great time!

Routine road maintenance work is planned this year during the month of September for Units 3-A, 4, 6-A, 6-B, 7, 8, 9, 10 and other areas that may need some attention. The worked planned is to have the asphalt roads crack sealed. Crack seal is purchased as a rubber like block. It is put into either a double boiler and then heated up to 380 degrees where they become a hot liquid. The crack seal is then introduced to the cracks using a crack seal wand and the hot polymer modified asphalt sealant fills the crack to minimize the chance of water penetrating through to the sub base of the road. The roads will then be seal coated with a liquid emulsion formulation, mixed with water, sand, polymers and other binding fillers and additives which oil based material to add oils back into the asphalt and seal the surface to help protecting it from the elements. This type of maintenance for the roads helps increase the life expectancy. The work normally requires road closure for 24 hours. Once the contractor has been selected and the work schedule has been completed, notice will be delivered to those who will be affected.

Monsoon storms have been light this year so far at SunBird. Other isolated areas of the valley have been hit hard in targeted areas. Each night threatens of a monsoon storm that could hit at any moment with strong winds, dirt and rain. Be prepared.

The Horizon Room Food and Beverage Services will be moved to the Ballroom temporarily for the week of August 3 for kitchen and dining room maintenance. The wood bar top still under warranty will be resurfaced and some of the kitchen equipment will be replaced and updated. Deep cleaning will take place that week with the kitchen and dining facilities for preparation of the high season.

It has been a very busy summer with some inconveniences caused by new construction and maintenance work. We appreciate all those who have endured the heat of the summer months and have been patient and supportive during this time. We are excited and look forward to the many upgrades and new facilities that will be complete soon that keep SunBird a progressive and up-to-date community.