Line Dancing with Judee

What a great start for the New Year 2019! Doubling the number of dancers doubles the amount of teaching and learning, exercising minds and bodies, listening and dancing to great music and having fun with some of the nicest people!

You never know how a dance is going to “go over.” When you see the smiles on the faces of the dancers, hear clapping and laughing, it validates that you chose the right dance, played a song that’s recognized and “fits the dance!” This is what has kept me going for 20+ years.

If you want to join this Line Dance Group, I can register you for your first class in Ultra Basics on Monday, September 2 (yes, Labor Day), at 11:30 a.m. for $2 in the SunBird Ballroom. The only exceptions to start sooner would be if you are a year-round resident with line dancing experience beyond Elvira, Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, etc., and are in “Line Dance Withdrawal!”  To be registered, you need to call Judee after 10:00 a.m. at 480-802-0201. If no answer, leave a distinct message with name and phone number so I can return your call.

Dancers in my classes are given a monthly Free Steps and Patterns Class on a Wednesday when floor space is available. This class gives dancers the opportunity to work on patterns by doing them many times until they are “automatic.” I use the same words for each step or pattern which makes it easier for the dancers learn them and apply them to learning dances.

Great dances, beautiful music, danceable music, current and legendary artists, all genres! Escape with us from this crazy world. God Bless Line Dancing!