Line Dancing with Judee

When you have such nice people attending your classes and consider them extended family and friends, it is very sad to have one pass away. This beautiful lady, Suzanne Strasser, a/k/a “My Movie Star Dancer” who started dancing with me in 2000 at the Chandler Senior Center passed away December 3, 2016. She regularly attended my classes, only missing when she went on cruises with her dear Robert who passed away in 2012, and health issues. When she couldn’t attend classes anymore, she came to a line dance that we do two times a year, but when we danced the dances she used to do and she missed, she cried. Especially when we danced Love which was her favorite. So we kept in touch by going out to lunch and phone calls. When we ended the call I would say, “I love you.” She would reply, “Oh, Judee, I love you, too…” then would reminisce, “Didn’t we have such a good time dancing? Didn’t we have such fun?” Etc., etc., etc. I was very lucky to have her caretaker call me one day not long before she passed. She said, “Suzanne didn’t want you to worry about her, but her voice isn’t very good today.” I said, “Tell Suzanne that I love her.” I heard in the background, “Oh, Judee, I love you, too.” It’s people like Suzanne that have made me want to teach and dance for 17 years.

If you would like to start line dancing classes you need to call Judee Curtis at 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. You will be registering for the Ultra Basic Class in the SunBird Ballroom on Mondays, restarting January 9 at Noon for $2. I will be taking new registrations through January 21. In order to enjoy learning line dancing you need to be able to move without difficulties, able to hear instructions, remember instructions and commit to three months or more to classes.

Line dance steps and patterns are taught so you can apply them to the dances. Line dancing keeps your body moving to really great music but the real bonus is keeping your mind active. This has been proven in studies including the “Dancing for the Dream Foundation” data. You will be able to forget about what’s happening in your life, have fun, meet some of the nicest people and escape this crazy world for just a little while. God bless line dancing!