From the superintendent’s desk

Marc Francoeur

Let me start off wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I know I’m looking forward to the upcoming year and the warmer weather that it’ll bring.

I bet everyone is wondering what the yellowish grass is out on the golf course. Some of it is actually the dormant Bermuda grass. Unfortunately, we lost some winter grass; this goes back to us having work done on the pump station back in early November. We had the water off for an extended time to do the work and the temperatures were still high. The summer grass (Bermuda) was still actively growing and out competed the younger grass (winter grass). We dusted the golf course with some extra seed in December along with some iron applications, so we should start seeing the benefits. Iron is used to darken the grass (more green); in turn this will also heat up the surface and help the seed germinate and the Bermuda grass to green up earlier in these cool temps.

We also started our weed pre-emergent program in December in the roughs and perimeters so in the spring we should see more weed reduction. In early December we had a get together at our turf care facility with the Adopt a Hole program. There were very good questions about lots of things. One of the questions I was asked was, “Do we replace the divots?” My answer was, “Yes, and put some sand and seed on it, too.” The reasoning behind this is because in the winter months we actually do have a chance for the divots to recover and take root again. I would like to thank all that attended the meeting with Adopt a Hole program. All their efforts this season: filling the divots on the tees and fairways and cleaning up the tee areas are a big help to our staff and me. I’m sure the people that patronize our awesome facility also appreciate what they do, so when you see them thank them.

Finally, I’m sure everyone has been wondering what plans we have been making for capital improvements during the summer months. The Greens Committee along with the Board of Directors and myself have discussed some issues and problems with course playability and aesthetics, and now we are in the stages of importance and cost. I know what my wish list is; I’m open to some feedback from our members on theirs, because at the end of the day you play SunBird and your feedback is important to me to make your game more pleasurable!

Thank you.