Lady 18ers Had a Busy and Fun Month!

On Nov. 28 the Lady 18ers hosted the Lady 9ers for a game of Step Aside followed by a lovely lunch on the patio served by the Horizon Room. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the smiles on everyone’s faces would indicate it was a fun time as well. A very large thank you goes out to the organizers: Shirley Goldade, Elaine Carle, Karen Kummerfeldt, Paula Neuser, Karen Hall, and Dana Marrs. Prizes were awarded to the following five teams:

1st Place: Joann Baker, Heather Verbitsky, Sharon Erickson, Marsha Brockish

2nd place: Deanna Watkins, Sandra Crane, MJ Johnson, Julie Anderson

3rd place: Dolly White, Betty Benson, Judy Cockrell

4th place: Marcia Hogan, Jeanne Bertie, Jill Ponce

5th place: Trish Carrel, Theresa Meola, Lore Schaefer, Paula Neuser

On Dec. 5 the Lady 18ers had a full agenda for their monthly meeting. Some of the highlights are outlined below:

• Ladies League Board voted to allow the ladies 80 years of age and older to play from the Green tees.

• Joyce Gerber, our historian, highlighted that our Lady 18ers Club started in 1990. There are five scrapbooks located beneath the sign-up shelf in the hallway leading into the Golf Shop. Ladies are encouraged to review them, as there are some phenomenal pictures of past and present members at the various events.

• Kim Mishko provided the details of the Home & Home scheduled for Feb. 27 at Springfield Golf Course. A sign-up sheet and information are on the bulletin board in the hallway going to the Golf Shop.

At the meeting, the gauntlet was dropped! Cindy Vig and Shirley Goldade announced the inaugural Women’s Conley Cup, where the American’s top women golfers will be matched against the Canadian’s top golfers for a three-day tournament on March 22, 23, and 24. This is the same weekend as the Men’s Conley Cup, which has been an annual tournament for a number of years in the SunBird community. The tournament was named after Mr. Bill Conley, a veteran and long-term resident of SunBird. The ladies are hoping to make it an annual community event. Stay tuned for more information!

The meeting was followed by a Christmas Team Play of the Red Team vs. the Green Team. This involved a twosome from the Red Team going up against a twosome from the Green Team. Points were awarded based on net score of each golfer between the two teams and then added up to determine the overall winner. The Red Team won this year, with the Green Team winning the previous year! It was a beautiful, sunny day—perfect for golf!

There are many more fun events and activities planned, including moving our monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month from the morning to the afternoon after golf, starting in January! Come join our league, as there is something for all levels of golfers!