Korean War Veterans

Rich Volpe, Chapter Commander

Sometimes a little change is good, and it is nice to get back to our normal scheduling of meetings. We soon will be approaching our holiday season, which will carry us through the end of the year. Our next meeting will be held at 10 a.m. at Black Bear Diner on Nov. 22. For those not familiar with the location of Black Bear Diner, it is located off Alma School and Queen Creek Roads at the far end of the shopping plaza. Veterans of all branches of the service are always welcome to all our meetings and get-togethers.

At our upcoming meeting in November, we will have a guest speaker from Humana. It should be interesting and informative, as I’m sure Medicare will be one of the major topics and, additionally, a closer look at a variety of the plans that are in place and what they offer for each one of us to reach out and get the coverages that best suit us.

One of our main goals as a club is to help those who have spent time in the service, or their families, with whatever support we can lend to make their lives easier, whether its short term or long term. If you need help for anything, please feel free to call our commander at the number listed below. We maintain a large assortment of medical supplies, which is available and only a phone call away.

Here’s a quick story that I’m sure will be of interest to you: We recently were working with a gentleman named Henry Darlington who happens to be 101 years old. What makes this special is that Henry was a pilot in World War II and flew one of the Army’s B-17s. Henry now has a motorized scooter that came from our club and, last I heard, he was moving around really well.

For any questions regarding the club’s activities, available medical equipment, or anything else, please feel free to call our chapter commander, and he’ll be happy to help you or get you in touch with one of the members who has access to additional information on anything mentioned above. He can be reached at 480-802-2532.

A little update for club members, as the holidays do get busy: Mark your calendars for Dec. 6 for the club’s annual holiday get-together. The date is set, the time is 1 p.m., and the celebration will be held at Keegan’s in Chandler, not too far from home.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.