Kare Bears Members Continue to Meet

Mary Shelor

Even though SunBird Kare Bears don’t have meetings through the summer months, members still get together on the second Wednesday of the month for a meet and greet lunch, in the SunBird Horizon Room and celebrate birthdays of the members who have a birthday that month.

On June 26 members attended the luncheon, and we celebrated birthdays for three members: Judy Cornelius, Sandy Salisburg, and Candace Itzen Pollock. Bunny Bottorff brought the cutest marble cake from Sam’s Club, and everyone enjoyed the delicious treat. To add to the festivities, Shirley Jackson awarded the pink flamingo wine holder to Barb Ott. It created lots of cheers and smiles.

We will meet again on July 12. Please come and join us if you are in town.

Just a reminder: Kare Bear Fairs will continue this fall. They take place the first Saturday of the months of November, December, February, and March. So if you have articles that might be good for our sales, please call Shirley Goodman at 480-208-3065 to arrange a way to pick up and store your donations.