Kare Bears Have Angels in Their Midst

Shirley Jackson

Kare Bears have anonymous angels flying about and leaving cash donations for our charities. Most recently, we received the following poem included with said donation:

Kindness it seems will lie in the heart concealed or apparent to see.

An act of love may hide from view or reveal itself to be.

Remember we’ll see at various times beneath the rainbow’s arc

Elegant rays of colorful scenes changing to light from dark.

Behold a rose which stands apart as rainbows come and go

Envision a few among us then each of us wish to know.

A group of them will lend a hand or thoughts of a special kind.

Rest assured there is a need for a Kare Bear right behind.

Somewhere over the rainbow is where you may find them.


We send thanks to these angels for the donations and entrusting us to deliver them to the best possible charities. That’s why we are here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.