Kare Bears Close Out Their Season

Kare Bears members Bunny Bottorff and President Karen Volk (photo by Shirley Jackson)

Shirley Jackson

SunBird Kare Bears have had a fruitful season. The by-laws have been reviewed, updated, and approved. Members should have received a copy of the by-laws, along with the February minutes, sent via email. The March meeting was filled with the election of a new board. Discussion and approval of payout of the funds generated for local charities and our HOA took place.

Amanda Nosbisch from One Small Step was present at the March meeting. Their mission is, “We help children, families, and individuals living in poverty to attain a more productive life by providing quality clothes, shoes, and other support services. Our vision is that no person or family within our service area lacks the clothing they need to secure employment, succeed in school, maintain a healthy and hygienic life, and be socially accepted.” One Small Step is located at 710 North Cooper Road, in Gilbert. By inviting speakers from various charitable organizations, Kare Bears may decide who will be given a portion of the funds raised.

The Eagles concert in the SunBird ballroom was a sellout and total success. Many very pleased patrons attended and enjoyed this band and their rendition of songs by the Eagles. It brought back a lot of good memories, and there was plenty of singing along with the music.

Kare Bears members generate many hours of work that result in funds for various charities in our area. Our members decide who will receive those funds, and members can make suggestions. The Appreciation Luncheon was held March 29 to celebrate the members for whatever or however they contributed their time and money. It takes a village, and the SunBird Village has supported our quest to garner these charitable funds. Thank you, SunBird!

One more article representing this winter season will include recipients of the funds earned for charitable purposes and for our HOA. The June issue will list the new KB Board and include the list of payouts. It has been a busy season for Kare Bears, per usual.

Luncheons during the summer months will take place again in the Horizon Room. No formal business occurs. It is a social hour once a month for Kare Bears members. An email will alert the KB members of the time and date scheduled.