It’s a New Year!

SunBird Safety Task Force

With a new year starting, many people make New Year’s resolutions. Here are two you might want to consider:

Resolution 1: Keep an eye on your neighbors. Give a thought to calling them on a daily basis just to say hi. Watch for newspapers piling up on driveways or a garage door that is left open for an extended period of time. If you become concerned that you haven’t seen a neighbor for a while, please call the SunBird office and ask that Patrol conduct a welfare check.

SunBird HOA Office: 480-802-4901

SunBird Patrol: 480-797-8605

Resolution 2: Be sure that your emergency information is up to date at the homeowner office. Do you have someone listed to be called in case you have a medical problem? Do you have someone who can be called if there is a problem with your home while you are away? Is their phone number correct? Do you notify the office when you are leaving for an extended time?

SunBird is known to be a caring community. With your involvement, we can keep this fine reputation!