Introducing Candidates for the SBGC Board of Directors

The election of member candidates to the SunBird Golf Club Board of Directors will be held at the Friday, Feb. 16, annual meeting. Members in good standing may cast their votes either at the meeting or in person at the Golf Shop for two weeks prior to the meeting. The following three SBGC members are running for the two available seats on the board of directors:

Trent Johnson

Trent Johnson

My vision for SBGA: SunBird Golf Club has faced many challenges in the past few years and has had to deal with many controversies with non-golf course supporting residents of SunBird Golf Resort. Our society as a whole has become very divided on many cultural and political issues, and many people are no longer able to treat others politely and with respect for an opposing view. I have seen similar issues with some SunBird Golf Club members and some residents. My vision is that SunBird Golf Club and the community can work together in a more harmonious way to the benefit of the club and the community as a whole.

The strengths/experiences I would bring: MaryJo (MJ) and I became SunBird Golf Resort homeowners in 2018. I became a SunBird Golf Club member with an interest in golfing more than once or twice a year, like I had done most of my life. MaryJo was a beginner golfer when we moved here, and she also became a member. We have been involved in many golf groups, including Men’s Club, Rattlesnakes, Bandits, 9 hole couples, 18 hole couples, Swingers, Divas, Giggle Girls, Lady Niners, and more. We also have played many of the fundraiser tournaments. These groups have afforded us the opportunity to talk with many people about the course and its operation.

We have also been involved in many other activities at SunBird Golf Resort, including water volleyball, pickleball, bocce ball, bean bag baseball, Garden Club, trivia, Bingo, and many more special events. Being very active at SunBird Golf Resort helps us be aware of issues and opinions of people who are not actively involved with the Golf Club. We are even friends with some people who are opposed to many of the Golf Club issues. All people must be treated in a fair and respectful way.

I am a retired police officer from a suburban Minnesota police department. My duties included supervising officers in both the patrol and detective divisions at various times as well as leading the SWAT Team. Experiences in my police career that would be advantageous as a board member would be writing policy and procedure, organizing community events, scheduling and training employees, and doing presentations to police groups and the public. I have extensive experience dealing with people in every situation imaginable, including people having the best day of their life to others in life-and-death situations.

My understanding of current issues, goals, innovations of the current board: The current board members and others in recent years have been tasked with tremendous challenges regarding equipment issues and financial shortfalls. While some of the decisions made were not always popular, those decisions have resulted in positive change for SunBird Golf Club. SunBird Golf Club is a business and needs to be run as such. SunBird Golf Club is extremely important to SunBird Golf Resort as a community. As a board member, I will work in a fair and respectful manner with all members of our community with a goal of continuing to improve the financial stability of SunBird Golf Club.

George Jones

George Jones

My vision for SBGA: Is that we become a destination golf community for folks from all over the United States and Canada. I see an opportunity with some open dialogue as a community that by working together, we can make this one of the nicest communities in the area.

The strengths/experiences I would bring: To the board if I am elected is that I’ve been in the customer service industry for over 50 years. I was a new and used car manager in the car industry for over 20 years and a car buyer for 10 years, so I had to buy and market the vehicles for my dealership. I also spent five years as a produce manager, so my ability to communicate with people, I think, is pretty strong.

My understanding of the current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: Our current golf board has done a great job at navigating some very difficult situations over the last few years. Our water pump going down, the tower that they worked on so hard to get passed and put in our golf course, and they opened our golf course to a couple of high school and young people’s golf leagues.

Scott Stohr

My vision for SBGA: My vision for the immediate short term is a continuation of the gains and improvement to the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. The long-term view is that the golf course remains self-sufficient and in partnership with the HOA unifies and promotes the SunBird Community and golf course for the betterment of all residents.

The strengths/experiences I would bring: My experiences include employment in the financial services and real estate industries and volunteer service in our community. I held many officer positions with the youth baseball association and was a member of a working committee within the Parks & Recreation Department tasked to determine needs, potential sites, and construction plans of facilities and field.

My understanding of the current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: Based on the presentations and discussions at the board meetings, I believe the membership has been kept current on the issues (HOA relations, drainage, course maintenance, and staffing), goals (financial results and fiscal stability), and innovation (GolfNow, public play, and cell tower). Going forward, I hope that the board’s agenda will include long-term goals and plans, three to five years, within their agendas, with ideas and results presented to the membership.