Rod Emmerton

There’s gonna be a homecoming,

That’s what the headlines say,

A concert set for springtime,

Mark the date and don’t delay.

The Singers sing sweet harmony,

The Ringers ring their bells,

They even add in lovely chimes,

Together our music gels.

It all goes down the 8th and 9th,

Of March at 7 p.m.,

So plan to be there early,

And listen to this gem.

Your neighbors practice long and hard,

To bring this gift to you,

A labor of love for residents,

And here’s what you must do.

Just bring along some extra ca$h,

To help defray expense,

Sit back, reflect, enjoy the trip,

Cause Homecoming’s no pretense.

Our songs will trigger memories,

Of fun times in your life,

The precious things you cherish,

Tho’ passed with speed of light.

We hope that you will join us,

Homecoming tugs the heart,

To family, friends, and neighbors,

Lest too soon we must depart.