Hits & Misses Bowling

Oh My Gosh (OMG) team: Jason and Sue Burger (left) and Russ and Ann Marie Lauren (right)

Pat Smith

Hits & Misses Bowling League ended the first half of the season with 21 bowlers on six teams. We lost many previous players because our time was changed from Mondays to Tuesdays, but picked up a few new players due to a change from previous years, allowing couples to be on the same team.

Leaderboards for the first half:

High Average: Michel Cotton 186, Ruth Andersen 151

Most Improved: Jason Burger +17, Clair Ziegler +10

High Game Scratch: Bob Welch 247, Sue Burger 196

High Game Handicap: Hank Mathias 273, Dean Patton 253

High Series Handicap: Dave Dahl 758, CeCe Carson 731

Congratulations to the winning team for the first half, as determined by accumulated points over 13 weeks, Oh My Gosh (OMG), comprised of Sun Lakers Russ and Ann Marie Lauren and Jason and Sue Burger, who won with 63 points.

Hits & Misses’ second half kicked off Jan. 10 with 21 bowlers and six teams: OMG, Misfits, Come Back Kids, Alley Cats, 3 Strikers, and Born to Bowl. New bowlers may still join as individuals and be added to an existing team. The season ends April 11. Contact Pat Smith for more information at 720-412-9396 or [email protected]. Our league is open to SunBird residents.