Highlights from Summer Golf Club

August 14 we had a very warm day along with good fellowship at Sun Lakes Country Club. Awards and lunch were served in their new lounge.

Team results: 1st place Fred Garmeson; 2nd Chuck Warren; 3rd Rick Langten; 4th Bob Smith/John Franklin; 5th Glen Ketchum

September 3 at Palo Verde Country Club, the weather was somewhat cooler and the course was in great condition. Lunch and awards were served in the dining room.

Team results: 1st Dave Davis; 2nd John Valentine; 3rd Ken Karge; 4th Chuck Warren; 5th Glen Ketchum

This concludes our summer events. We want to thank Jack Cooper, Sam Curatolo and all the other volunteers who helped make these outings a success and a special thanks to our players.