Heading Home for the Summer

Harry Huckemeyer

As we close out the first half of the 2022 season, we leave behind a busy, exciting schedule where we were active in participating in a large number of events, large and small, both locally and on the road. The Short Line Model Railroad Club would like to thank all who stopped by along the way and offered some interesting conversation regarding their experiences as youngsters in the “Good Old Days” and had some wonderful stories to share.

We will be going somewhat inactive in the upcoming months; however, a good part of the planning for future events for the fall months is done over the summer months, and once we reach Labor Day, things planned out for October and November are usually already pretty much in place. As a club, throughout the year, we meet weekly for lunch at one of the local restaurants, barring conflicts with our event scheduling. We also are presently in the planning stages of adding monthly work sessions for future development and training, thanks to a space made available for us by one of the local HOAs. We are deeply thankful for that and are planning to make good use of that space. For further details, give a call, as we’re always open for suggestions.

Whatever your plans are, we are wishing you all a safe, healthy, enjoyable summer. Our next official scheduled meeting will be on Sept. 3, at the Lakeview Room on the lower level of the SunBird Community Center. We are always looking for new members who enjoy getting involved in staying current with all the changes in modern technology that come into play almost daily. If you have an interest, feel free to give me a call at 480-802-4976. If no answer, please leave a name and phone number, or you can text me at 480-600-1349, and I’ll be happy to get back to you ASAP.

Have a great day and also a great summer.