Golf President’s Report for June

Bees on hole 13 (photo by Dave White)

Dave White

This month we will talk about what is going on with the course itself.

During the month of June, we moved the irrigation lines on holes 13 and 14, from the wall to the other side of the cart path. This will make watering more efficient and improve the look of the wall that borders the villas.

We are working daily on our gopher problem. All of the courses along Hunt Highway are having the same problem. Could it be that the new casino has disturbed their homes in the desert?

On July 5 and 6 the course will be closed for the following reasons: The greens will be punched and sanded, the fairways will be thatched and sanded, and the teeing grounds will be thatched and sanded. All of this will prepare us for overseeding in October. We did this last July, and those of you who golf have seen the results this year.

I would also like to thank all of the Garden Club volunteers for their work on a whole bunch of projects.