Red Hat Society

Norma Parker, Sheila Barton, MaryAnn Sacco, Vonn-Ann Heninger, Elizabeth Linville, Queen Judithmary

The June 2 Red Hat Society (RHS) training class held at the Oakwood Country Club was a huge success. Thirteen Queens attended the class. Donna Hempel from Hat Quarters helped us learn how to navigate through the Red Hat website. For those who are still struggling or couldn’t attend, there will be a future class. Fourteen Queens had their coronation on the 3rd of June at the Cottonwood ballroom. The staff did a fantastic job taking care of the 77 ladies who attended. The music provided by John L. Demand was out of this world and enjoyed by all.

There was laughter, bubbles, and so much more. Each lady who attended looked stylish and colorful. So many shades of red and purple were just beautiful. We didn’t need any decorations. A gentleman donated a lovely hat that his late wife wore with so much pride, and we had to put that hat on stage as a centerpiece. Perfect touch. One of the highlights of the day was RHS welcoming eight new members, all joining the chapter (the Desert Roses of Sun Lakes). For more information on joining, please call Judithmary Hobson at 719-964-1626.

The Red Hat Society has a new Queen in Sun Lakes. Her name is Carole Hocevar; however, she has been a resident of Sun Lakes since 2016. The name of her chapter is Woobie’s Fun Seekers of Sun Lakes. Carole is a lady of many talents, from being a retired nurse, doing crafts and gardening (especially working with her roses) but, most of all, just plain having fun. If any of you ladies would like to join her chapter, please call Carole at 480-294-4355.